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Why do I need a professional brand?

Because You Need a Nice Shirt

It’s the same reason you wear a nice shirt to a business meeting, you are portraying yourself as a professional. Would you wear a pizza stained t-shirt to a meeting with a prospective customer? If you answered “no,” then why would you show sloppy promotional materials to that customer? It’s the same thing.


A Firm Handshake

When you hand someone your business card you are doing more than just giving them some information on how to reach you. You are giving them an impression on who your company is, or at least you should be. Your business card is often the first and most lasting piece of literature about your business a customer will obtain. It is your business’s handshake. Do you want a sloppy shake or do you want to offer a firm, personable handshake?

The bottom line is more people will take you seriously if you take your brand seriously.

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